Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Preparing to take Praxis II LMS test

The following post was retrieved from June 24, 2009

Post: Praxis II Library Media Specialist Test Posted by: Nia on 6/14/09

Definitely read the 4th edition (or 3rd edition) of "TheSchool Library Media Manager" by Blanche Woolls and also the book Information Power: Building Partnership for Learning(1998). Chicago: American Library Association. ISBN:0-8389-3470-6 (paperback).

Go to the following website and look under the topic PraxisExam:

Know these authors and their genres: Blume, Mildred Taylor, Asimov, Lionni, and CS Lewis!

Also read Information Power several times. I cannot stress this enough. I went through and read, then highlighted, and then created notes to study from what I had highlighted.

Know the difference between the Library Bill of Rights and the Freedom to Read. Those questions were a little confusing.

Know what Information Literacy is and how it is applied in a school media center.

Know the mission goals of the school library media program.

Read everything about Collaboration in Information Power several times.

Know that the primary goal of any school is student learning.

Know collection development. Lots of questions concerning that topic.

Know how to apply Bloom's taxonomy. I studied the parts and they did not want that.They wanted examples of students using the different parts.

Know what Boolean operators are and when to use them.

Know the court case Ashcroft V. ACLU and the Island case and other court cases and acronnyms ex CIPA etc.

Know about flexible scheduling and why it is so important.

Know Keith Curry Lance(Colorado Study) and also the two men who created the Big 6 Mike Eisenberg and Bob Berkowitz. Know who sponsored the book Information Power.

Know what MARC records are and all the parts.

Know what goes into planning a new facilty.

Know what the Newbery, Caldecott, and Pritz awards are for. They were all on there.

Know the Dewey Decimal system and which areas must be updated most often.

Know what a Tellable Tale is.

Know what a booktalk is, multiple intelligences, learning styles, etc.

Review a Children's literature Text.


  1. Ah! I wish I would have read your post a few weeks ago. I took my test, and am still waiting for the results. It was more difficult than I had anticipated. What a nice post you made for anyone preparing for the test!

  2. WOW! This is my first semester for my master's. Your post will really help me with my classes. Thanks!!